ladycontent (ladycontent) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Can Cups Lead to Abnormal Paps?

Hello my fellow cuppers!

I have a few questions for you. I've had two abnormal paps and will be going in for a colposcopy next week. Someone mentioned that perhaps my cups is causing changes in my cervical cells. I've been using cups for almost 5 years for approximately 10 days per month. I also have an IUD, which I just read sometimes leads to inflammation (due to the strings) that are sometimes interpreted as an abnormal result. Maybe cup usage causes inflammation as well? Maybe it's one or the other or perhaps a totally different reason altogether?

Although I highly, highly doubt it has anything to do with the abnormal cells, I just wanted to get your opinion. Do you think:

1) The cup could contribute at all to changes in my cervical cells?

2) Do you think it's necessary to bring up my cup usage to the doctor performing my colposcopy? I'm not ashamed of it or anything, but I'm just afraid he/she may not know about cups and may have a negative attitude about it because it's new to them and end up blaming it for my cervical issues.

Does anyone have any experiences and/or opinions about this? Thanks in advance!
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