bluetoesocks (bluetoesocks) wrote in menstrual_cups,

arghhh leakage

I've *just* joined this community, I'm a very longtime cup user and I love them but I've been having a problem... I apologize if this has been asked before, I assume it has been.  

years and years ago, when I started using a cup, I was using a divacup and it worked perfectly- no leaks at all, during my period I feel pretty much no different to when I'm not on my period. Brilliant. Fast forward a few years, I develop a sensitivity to the silicone and I start getting tremendously itchy after a day of wearing it. I switch to the latex mooncup, and the itchiness goes right away... but.  With the last few diva cups I've bought AND with the mooncup, it's no longer a leak-free experience.  It's still nice that the cup gets most of it, but I have to wear it with a pad now, at least for the heaviest days.  I enjoyed not leaking at all SO MUCH and this makes me sad.  
It could be that the model is too small I suppose, I use the smaller model but it doesn't really *feel* too small (it's a bit of work to get it in and at the end of my cycle I'm slightly sore from taking it out and putting it back in a bunch of times).  It doesn't need to be super full for it to leak either, it just leaks no matter what.  I suspect the leaking started when they started putting in the holes around the rim of the cup and I really think the holes are to blame.  

What are other peoples' thoughts on and experiences with this?  Are the holes to blame?  Can I do anything to fix it?
Does anyone make a hole-free (latex) version of the cup anymore?  


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