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Still giving it a go!

Dear All

I posted on 20 July and this is an update.  Essentially it worked one month, the following month I leaked like a seive.

Now on my third month of trying with Mooncup A and I am finding that I am having exactly the same problem as last time. 

I use my Mooncup a couple of days before I am due on because I am always 'hit and miss' as to when I start.  I was late by a couple of days this month, but no problems as the Mooncup was working well catching everything.  I then noticed a tiny bit of blood in the bottom of the cup when I checked and realised I had come on.  No problem, re-inserted and straight away, almost immediately, I started leaking blood everywhere. It was as if I had missed the cervix completely but how can that be when five minutes before it was fine.   There was no blood in the cup it was all round the sides.  This is exactly what happened last time and I had to stop using it.

Like last time, I stopped using the cup for the first three days that I was heavy because the cup was leaking, no blood in the cup (unless by a miracle) and all round the outside again.  Day four, now using the cup again, no problems and no leaking!

Am I resigned to using the cup leading up to my period, using tampons for the first three days when I am at my heaviest and then returning back to the cup afterwards.  Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions.

Please don't say 'tuck the cervix back in' because I cannot feel or see it and I just can't see myself doing that every 2 or 3 hours because I bleed so heavily.  Not only would it be inconvenient but 'bloody messy' - excuse the pun! 

Just seems odd that its exactly the same as last time!

Tags: cervix position, leakage & spotting

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