melissa569 (melissa569) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Rhea Cup?

I couldn't find much information myself, so I thought I would ask my fellow cup users--  has anyone heard of a brand called "Rhea Cup"?   I ask because I got an email from someone asking me if I knew anything about it...   But when I googled "rhea menstrual cup"  I only found a "rhea" website that sells menstrual items of popular brands, but no actual cup made by such a brand. 

I figured maybe whoever asked me was confusing a store name with a cup brand name?  Or perhaps there could be a new brand, but the website is not popular enough yet to show up in searches?  Have any of you heard of it??

Thanks in advance.

EDIT---   Oh I beg your pardon, everyone!  It seems there kind of is a Rhea cup, but there's kind of not....    They have submitted a cup for FDA approval (sorry, I cannot disclose where I got this information, but it is reliable, that much I will say).  So hopefully we will see it once it is approved.  Hmmm.   Ok, in that case, everyone keep an eye out for it.
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