Kee (keestone) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Boiled dry . . . replacement advice?

I've been a very happy diva cup user for about six years but I think I just killed my poor cup.  I was was boiling it to sanitize it before use, but I got absent minded and forgot it was boiling merrily away while I was reading stuff on the internet . . . until I heard a popping noise and noticed a scorched smell. Oops! I don't see any visible damage other than discoloration, but it smells like burnt plastic and I don't take that as a good sign.  So . . .

1.) How stupid do you think it would be to use it anyway while I try to get a replacement?  I do actually have a couple of pads hidden away in case a guest has an emergency, but I'm so used to the comfort of the cup I feel like I'm waddling around like a soggy duck.

2.) There are so many choices now!  Like I mentioned, I'm a pretty happy (small) Diva Cup user, but I basically had the choice of that or a Keeper when I bought mine (and that was a really easy choice because I have a Latex sensitivity).  I've never had any problems with the length.  It rides pretty high up, so I think the length is a plus for me. I haven't had leakage in years.  I do occasionally get a bit annoyed by bladder pressure, but it's not a very big deal.  Do you think I should take an "If it ain't broke don't fix it" and just get a replacement, or should I try for something softer, etc.?  I'm checking out the comparison charts and pictures but do any diva cup users have comfort comparisons? It's been mentioned that some of the softer cups still have pretty rigid rims. Do you tend to get similar bladder pressure with other cups?

Thanks for any advice.
Tags: buying decisions, cleaning - boiling, divacup

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