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Problems removing my cup + question about MeLuna

Hello all.  This is my first post here.  I have been using menstrual cup for a few years now, it's a large size silicone Green Donna, and I love it, but have a few issues with it, the major one is I often have trouble removing my cup.  I have a long stem on my cup, but still sometime can't reach it even with finger and thumb to the hilt and a thumb, and this is painful.  The other day I was having real trouble getting it out again, and to my horror I broke the tip off the stem with my fingernail, then I had to fish around and bear down a lot to get my cup out  When I finally got it out it was empty, as my period had finished, but moments later there was quite a lot of sticky bright blood coming out,  different from period blood.  I thought that's weird so put the cup back in before bed, next morning I took it out with great difficulty, and it was clean and empty again, but straight after I removed it I bled again, and also had stinging burning sensation like perhaps I've torn something in there near the opening.  It is really hard to grab onto my cup sometimes and I often keep pinching the skin inside trying to pull it out,  so this is possibly what has happened, but I've never torn anything before.  It's been a bis sore down there since.  I am now looking at buying a new cup.  I also have had problems with leaking, and because it has been often difficult to remove, have had quite a few spillages.  I have extremely heavy periods at times.  I am 33, and have not  been sexually active for about 10 years.   I am strong in there, so says my gyno, and find it very difficult to relax, and my cups often end up firmly wedged in there, it's a real battle to get them out, partly because of pain as I have endometriosis and fibromyalgia.  Also I rarely seem to get my cup to open fully.  I am wondering if anyone else has similar issues, suggestions for a better brand cup?  I was thinking about one of those x-large MeLuna TPE plastic ones with the ring stem - maybe easier to hook it out with my finger nail?  Does anyone have experience with these or recommend something else for me?

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