potatoe_chippe (potatoe_chippe) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Shorter, heavier flow from cup?

Hello everyone!

I've had my Small MeLuna for quite a few months now. Using it is not a problem, but I did have a concern. When I first got my cup, it lasted about 6-7 hours on my heaviest day without leaking (almost a whole school day for me). However it wasn't long till I found myself having to empty it every 2 hours on a heavy day! I know that the Small MeLuna is really quite small, but I've never considered myself to have a heavy blood flow until using the cup. I just wanted to know if a similar situation has happened to anyone else, and if anyone knows why this is? It's quite a pain because now I would like to order a higher capacity cup, what a shame :(

EDIT: I commented below, but I probably did a bad job explaining. :$ It's not so much that it's heavier overall, it's that my period isn't as long. Instead of having 2 heavy days and then it slowly easing up, it seems like almost everything comes out in 1 day, as strange as that is. 

Some other people have reported the same thing...

Tags: heavy blood flow, meluna

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