hsiaoty (hsiaoty) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Extremely Painful Insertion & Removal

Hello, I am an 18-year-old looking forward to using a menstrual cup for the first time. I'm 5'4"(164) and I weigh about 115 pounds. I have a light flow that last only about 3 days. 
 I am a virgin so the first cup I bought was the B-sized uk mooncup. However, that cup was accidentally disposed by the housekeeper. And so I decided to buy a new cup, this time the small violet Fleurcup. According to the specifications on the cup, it's supposed to be smaller and softer than the mooncup, but I found it more painful to insert than the mooncup. I have never used either cups before, just did a few test runs. I was able to insert and remove the mooncup with relative ease, though.
Maybe it's just a mental block, but when I tried to insert the fleurcup, I felt queasy and pain somewhere near my gut. Removal was even harder as I tried to squeeze the base to get the air seal to release. What positions and folds would you suggest for a first-time user?
I really want to start using a cup because pads always made my skin extremely uncomfortable. I just get really conscious of the cup being inside me. Also, does anyone have experiences with using the cup while cycling or swimming? How about sleeping at night?
Tags: first time use, fleurcup, insertion - painful or problems, removal - painful or problems, seal & suction, sleeping, sports/physical activities, virginity

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