Stefanina (stefanina) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Newcomer to menstrual cups

Having gone back on Nuvaring, I am once again in a state where flow during my cycle is very inconsistent for the three days I cycle. Having had friends try cups, I decided that perhaps I would be better using this collection method as absorption method tampons were becoming too bothersome.
The only ones sold locally are the Keeper and Mooncup, and my latex allergies pretty much decided the Mooncup for me. I brought it home, inserted it according to directions, and.... ow.
First time I put it in it was dry, but when I took it out, rinsed and re-inserted, it was much easier, so I figured out the wetting it is good thing.
What I have noticed is that no matter how I insert the thing, it settles to a position lower in my vagina with the stem sticking out. This isn't too problematic when I am sitting, but walking is very uncomfortable, and using the restroom without first removing the cup is quite uncomfortable due tot he protruding stem. I trimmed the stem by about half the recommended max, but the entire stem still protrudes. The silicone cup also seems rather stiff, especially before it has warmed up to my body temperature, and I am very aware of the feel of it.
So, how much of the stem does the cup really need? Why do the instructions recommend only removing up to half of it? Does the silicone soften at all with age, or will it always be stiff?
Tags: allergies - latex, chafing/irritation, first time use, keeper moon cup

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