pinkpearls36 (pinkpearls36) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Quick Diva Cup Question

Some of you probably know me as the girl with the cup phobic parents (lol, from my most recent post about the whole cup freak out issue.) I really appreciate everyone's help and support with that and for warning other new teen cup users to talk to their agents first. Anyways, I was given two instead Softcups as a free sample--I tried both several times and could not manage to get it all the way in. I've never been told I have a low cervix, but I do know that I can reach it with about half a finger in and the Softcups stuck out about an inch. I ordered a small lady cup and was unable to get my hands on it because my parents freaked out and sent it back (they thought and still believe its a gimmick-thing and were incredibly scared by the fact that I goes in me.) It is possible for me to purchase a Diva Cup since they are available in like 3 local stores in my town. If the Softcups didn't work, does anyone think I'll have issues with the Diva Cup? Diva cup users--are any of you on the shorter side? Has anyone seen any of the others in the US? Ordering online is sort of not going to work since 1. My parents will ask what I bought and likely send the cup back 2. I don't have a credit card--the last cup was purchased via gift card.

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