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10 August 2012 @ 08:59 am
Am I the worst house-guest ever? I forgot my (pretty stained, but clean) Diva Cup lying on the guest room windowsill. Yes, I did.

I am new to the area, so my co-worker generously offered me a place to stay while I was in transition to a new apartment, but I don't really know her all that well. Now I've left her an object that frequently enters my vagina and is covered in my blood which I never really wanted to be seen by another person. Not exactly the first impression that I was hoping for.

This morning I wrote her a mortified email explaining that I had left my menstrual cup sunning itself in the window for de-staining and I would gladly come back to her place to deal with it if she didn't want to have to pouch it up for me and give it to me later. Hopefully she is the understanding and not easily-grossed-out type. Also, I just realized I misspelled the word "menstrual" throughout my email. FML.

I am a grown woman, but right now I don't feel very mature...
The Disgruntled Katkat144 on August 11th, 2012 07:32 pm (UTC)
Oh my. You are far more brave than I. I won't lie-- I'm a terrible person and probably would've not mentioned it, and just hoped she'd said "weird, what is this?" and tossed it and not figured it out to be grossed out by it!

I'm glad you got it back and that she was cool with it. :) Any of my female coworkers would probably run the range from a mild "that's weird" to being completely grossed out and thinking I was a disgusting person.