ladycontent (ladycontent) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Double Duty Wipes

Hi Everyone!

I'm looking for a disposable wipe that can be used for freshening up my southern regions when the need arises as well as for cleaning my cup when running water isn't available. I don't try to make a habit of using disposable products as it goes against the whole idea of cups for me, but there are times in my life when these items are helpful. I use the "Always Clean Wipes for freshening up but they're filled with less than fabulous sounding ingredients and they indicate that it's not for internal use. I imagine that would extend to using it on the cup as well. I know Lunette makes some fabulous cup wipes but they say that it's not for use on the vaginal area. Are there portable wipes (preferably natural-ish and biodegradable!) that can be used for both purposes? I'm located in Canada if that makes a difference.

Tags: cleaning

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