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Sarcasticia Nitpickerson

Community news, week of August 1st-8th

Hi menstrual_cups readers! This is a trial of a new weekly feature called the community news. We're going to try it out as a sticky entry on the main community for a bit and see how it goes. The main point is, this is going to be a feature mostly made by you! Mostly it'll contain any admin business (rules updates or whatever), community announcements, and interesting highlights from the week like new cups or news articles. Comments will be open for general chat and discussion (with usual civility rules applying). Just to start with this week we've got:

Admin business
- Just a reminder, please choose the one or two most relevant tags for your posts. The tags are how we organize FAQs, so they could lead to confusion down the road if we get too crazy with them.
- We're still looking for a mod or two. If you're interested, just leave a quick note here and we'll PM you.
- LJ has done something weird and now some posts with links get modded. Until I can fix it, we'll get to your post ASAP. If it's more than 24 hours drop us a line over at mc_moderators.

Interesting stuff from the past week
- m03m brings news of the FreeSiya Cup28, a new cup from the Philippines.
- pinkpearls36 found this very silly video, titled "Diva Cup" (sung to the tune of "Red, Red Wine").
- melissa569 has a suggestion for public cup washing, and several more suggestions are in the comments.
Tags: weekly news
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