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Insertion trouble

If anyone remembers my older post, I was the one who was having trouble inserting a finger into her vagina. After several attempts I decided I'd gotten decent enough at it to at least take the plunge and buy a cup. I ordered a model 1 lunette. It came in a week later. Now I'm trying to do some dry runs and I'm getting stuck. I've read the virgin's guide to cups, among other posts on insertion, multiple times but I'm still having trouble. Using the triangle fold I can get over half of it in, but then I start meeting resistance when the base starts going in and I approach the stem. At this point it starts to hurt and I usually stop. It doesn't help that at that point I can feel my fingers tiring or cramping up by trying to hold the fold in place. I feel like my entrance is kind of weird, like it feels like it goes down, but then curves and becomes more parallel. There's also this firm bump that's near the entrance that sort of feels like it obstructs anything trying to get in, which I can feel with my fingers. Is that my pubic bone?

At this point I'm also wondering how you all manage to insert it all the way without losing your grip and having it pop open with the stem still outside the body. Do the fingers holding the fold in place go into the vigina as well while you insert it?

I'm also wondering about folds. The triangle one is the only one so far I've been able to get most of the cup in with, but I've read many times it's one of the more difficult ones to pop open. Advice?

Oh, and before I forget, one last thing. About my cervix position.... I can't find my cervix. I insert my middle finger about as far as I can and I don't really feel anything. But my middle finger is only about as long as the lunette is with the full stem so I doubt it necessarily means I have a particularly high cervix. How should I go about this?
Tags: cervix position, dry run, first time use, insertion, insertion - folding methods, insertion - painful or problems, lunette, popping open, virginity

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