dreams_lady08 (dreams_lady08) wrote in menstrual_cups,

1st time user and rant

I am 1st time user, I have LadyCup S and Meluna Soft M.

I am non-virgin, but very tight, when I tried insert Lady Cup first time, it hurt, even with origami fold, which is the best i think. 
It was really uncomfortable to move with it inside. But I was not prepared for the pain of removing it, it was not possible for me to pop the suction, even trying to do it, hurt like hell, but in the end i succeded to remove it, even with bleeding a little  (i dont think that i will try it again very soon).

Afterwards I bought Meluna Soft M, it is really soft, can be easily folded and inserted, and removed. But the problem is that its too soft, i remove it in the same shape that i inserted it, so no  poping open inside is possible. I tried it with origami and 7 fold. 
It is not possible for me to reach the top of the cup (i really want to know who can, because the fingers have to be rly long for doing that) I am happy when I can reach the ball to remove it.

If you can give me some advice, it would be nice, some ppl wrote that they kegel it upwards, but for me it was only possible to go downwards. (Pls, nothing bout buying and trying new cups, I am not a fan of menstrual cups now and it goes against the whole idea of being green and saving money and planet)

Tags: first time use, insertion, lady cup, meluna - soft, popping open, removal - painful or problems

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