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First-time user, possible hymen and the joys of lube

I actually got my first cup (a size 1 DivaCup) a couple of years ago, tried it a couple of times without success, and gave up. This weekend however, the stars lined up! Firstly, I saw a post on the internet mentioning cups, which piqued my thinking once more. Second, I read another post singing the phrases of 'Blood Cups' (as the author liked to call them -- I think it's cute), which made me decide to try my cup when my next period came along.

Now, just this wednesday, I stopped taking the pill after a few years, because the new one I had switched to made me crazy, and I decided some time off the medication would do some good. (Not that I have any problem with myself or anyone else staying on the pill, I simply decided to see what my cycles were like after a few years) I was on the pill because I had crazy periods, but I think now, that even if they do go crazy on me again, dealing with them will be much easier now that I'm using a cup.

A little background: I'm an almost nineteen-year-old virgin, who is quite well-acquainted with her vagina and very interested in keeping it healthy and happy. I've only worn tampons a handful of times, and been very uncomfortable when I have.

So, this evening, I hopped into the shower with my cup, waited a few minutes till I was warm and relaxed and then tried to insert the cup. While I did manage to get it in, it was rather painful. Once I got past the entrance, all was smooth sailing, but getting the cup in at first caused an awful burning sensation. As I said before, I like to think I know my vagina quite well, and had always assumed that I either didn't have a hymen, or that it was very small. I'm starting to think however, that I do have one, and that it is making cup insertion a little difficult.

Knowing this, when I went to empty it out for overnight, I took with me some lube my mother (she works in a pharmacy) had given me a while back. (I did check that it was waterbased and safe to use with silicone), and used a little of that on re-insertion. 

I can tell you now, that a little lube on the entrance of your vagina, and some on the rim of the cup can do wonders for getting it in with ease. I suggest that all you vagina-bearers go forth and try it!

When I came back from changing the cup, I had a quick look on the lubrication tag, just to make sure that the lube I'm using is okay, and learnt that the things I should be avoiding are parabens, silicons and glycerins. Unfortunately, while the lube I had is organic and silicon-free, it does include vegetable glycerin, which I want to stay away from as I'm prone to YIs. (Another reason I'm switching to a cup, I have long periods, and a week and a half wearing pads always leaves me with an unpleasant YI that's barely cleared up before the next period starts).

I've done a bit of surfing and have found a lubricant brand called 'Yes'. Their lubes come in oil-based and water-based, and have no parabens, no silicons and has a reassuringly short list of ingredients including food-quality preservatives. The only things I'm not sure about are the Guar, Locust bean and Xantham gums that are used. Does anyone know how safe they are for me and for my cup?

The other great thing is that it's available worldwide (I'm in little old NZ) and comes in a range of sizes, including a 25ml size that would be perfect for toting around.

ETA: I just took my cup out after my first night (it was a little painful, but that will either improve with time or a different cup), and while I had no leakage, I am a little worried/confused because there was very little blood in the cup, and a whole lot of clear liquid! I'm a chronic worrier so if anyone has any explanation as to what this 'liquid' might be, and whether or not it's a problem, I would be very thankful.
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