Procrastinator Extraordinaire (nightmer) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Procrastinator Extraordinaire

High Cervix, Awkward Cups

I've been using cups for about a year successfully, but I'm thinking of adding a new one to try to find my perfect match.  I mostly use a large Diva which works 90% of the time, but occasionally I'll have a whole cycle where my cervix seems to sit lower than usual and the Diva is difficult to insert.  It often ends up pressing on my bladder a bit as well, and generally being kind of uncomfortable (I'm going to try the inside-out trick next time this happens, but I'm still worried about the pressure issue).
I also have a small Moon Cup (US) which I sometimes use on light days or when the Diva is a problem.  Unfortunately, most of the time my cervix sits VERY high and the MC becomes painful to remove (as I can't really reach it enough to break the seal).  Both work fine (no leaks, pop easily) except for the minor discomfort issues.
Based on this it seems like I'd probably be happiest with a slightly softer cup of a medium size.  So, am I missing anything?  
Also, people with high cervixes - do you find certain types of grip to be easier?  I'm afraid of getting a shorter cup and having trouble reaching it, as the MC is often difficult to get a good grip on and remove, even with flexing it into a lower position.  I'm looking at the Meluna with the ring for this reason.  I'm also considering a Lunette or small Diva as they're easiest to acquire, but if I'm missing any obvious choices or other possible perfect cups, I'd love recommendations!
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