amperx11 (amperx11) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup was good to me.. now it's throwing a tantrum

This is my third cycle with my Medium Meluna Classic. The first two cycles went great. Now the cup keeps leaking. It definitely isn't filling up.. when  I take it out there is very  little in the cup. And I'm still having problems with it popping open. I have to put it in then manually open it and unfold it. 

When I put it in I make sure I can't feel my cervix outside the cup.. so I don't get why it's leaking. I'm swimming with friends later and I'm scared that I can't trust the cup :(

I've been wearing a pad with the cup just in case it leaks.. and the fluid on the pad and when I wipe is a lot darker then I'm used to when using pads. Any ideas why this is..?

I'm kind of considering a different cup that would pop open easier. I like the meluna ball stem.. and Meluna in general.. but I hear they aren't the best as far as popping open. So what is a good cup that opens easily and possibly has bigger air holes? Thanks!
Tags: leakage & spotting, meluna, popping open
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