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New Yuuki....yucky :(

My go to cup is the large Yuuki.  I got it in March, 2010, and I LOVE my Yuuki cup.  A few months ago I thought that maybe I should get another one, just to have.   I came here and saw that they had changed the design a bit, making it more stiff.  Figured, eh, I'll try it out anyway.

First, it is stiffer, but I figured I could deal.  I did.  Insertion was pretty similar, I do a punch down/shell fold.  It was a little harder to fold, but not bad, and insertion was ok.  I left it in for 12 hours, and then it was time for removal.

All I can say is ow.

First, the suction on this new Yuuki is very powerful.  The bottom of the cup is much stiffer, so it was much harder to squish it to break the seal.  Second, the grip rings at the bottom of the cup seem more pronounced on this newer Yuuki, and sharper.  Though I was able to grip them easily, they dragged across the lining of the canal and were uncomfortable as I pulled the cup out.  And finally, the new design has a sharper edge around the lip of the cup and it was downright painful as I pulled it out.

I am very unhappy.  I absolutely LOVE my older Yuuki, and I need the capacity.  I have a very high cervix, and a very heavy flow for two days of my period (I filled up the Yuuki three times in 4 hours this past Saturday).   This new Yuuki is simply no where near as comfortable as the old, and I am very sorry I didn't get another one before they switched the design.

I am still looking for a replacement cup that is long, as soft as the original Yuuki (but not too soft), and has a similar capacity.
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