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Practice made success!

Hello o/ I'm a BBW from the UK. I thought I'd post my story to encourage other cup newbies if they have a bad first experience, as I did.

I bought my Mooncup B (UK) on a whim in Boots a few months ago after absolutely zero research. I got it home and did a few dry runs, trimming about half the stem off as I did so. In the course of this, I found which fold worked for me (punchdown ftw), and found putting it in was pretty easy - the work of only a few seconds really.

As I wasn't wearing the cup for very long during my dry runs it was easy peasy to take out because it wasn't really riding up at all (in fact, this is why I trimmed such a lot of the stem away).

Satisfied that I could deal with it come my period, I boiled it and put it away.

Attempt #1 - epic failure
On the arrival of my period, I got it out again, boiled it, then washed it out with antibacterial soap (!), popped it in, and went about my business.

This is where problem number 1 reared its head. I started feeling very sick, did some quick googling, concluded it was the way the cup was sitting and went to take it out. This is where problem number 2 occurred. It turns out I have a very long vagina, and once my cup works its way up it's beyond the reach of my fingers. I can just about touch the stem with my fingers, in fact. Because of this, on this first occasion it took me nearly 2 hours to get it out.

Feeling somewhat tired by this time I put the cup to one side and resolved to try again in the morning. Before I did so, I washed it with antibacterial soap again (!!). No nausea on attempt 2, but I struggled to get it out again, taking around 2 hours again. This time when I took it out (after another 2 hour marathon), I had a white cottage cheesy discharge on it and my fingers and it became clear that I'd managed to give myself a yeast infection. I suspect the antibacterial hand soap may have had a rather large part in said YI. In frustration, I put the cup in the mug I used to sterelise it and pondered just giving up. In fact, I ignored the cup for another 3 months.

Attempt #2 - more failure :(
In a bout of sheer bloody mindedness a few days ago, on the start of my period I decided that I had paid for the thing, and I might as well try at least once more before I sold it on. I got it out, washed it properly (with Johnson's Baby Wash - I figured that if it were good enough for babies skin, it was probably safe with my vagina), boiled it and tried again.

Again, it went in very easy. Was comfortable to wear. I came to take it out, and it took an hour and 30 mins. I washed it with water, put it back in and went about my business again. When I took it out, it was yet another hour plus marathon, which involved me contorting on the bathroom floor with a leg on the bath. By this time, my vagina and fingers were both very sore, so I put a tampon in, instead of reinserting it, and went to bed, wondering if my failure to remove easily was because of my size, and whether it would ever work.

Removal success!
I decided that the next day would be make-or-break. It would either work, or it wouldn't, and if it wouldn't then I was done. This time I actually spent hours looking under the removal - painful or problems tag and decided on a method I would try:

* Attempting to "birth" or "poop" the cup (bearing down while holding my breath - sounds odd to describe it like that, but I can't think of a better way to explain it)
* Not shoving my fingers so far up - I'd put them in only a short way in, and then wait for the cup to reach them, holding the stem to make sure it didn't travel back up as I took a breath.
* Not attempting to grab the cup too much too early, because this always resulted in me accidentally pushing it back up.

To my delight the times started to tumble. First, sub 1 hour, then half an hour, and then 8 minutes. Think overnight something might have clicked in to place in my head, because today I managed 1min 30 secs! Add to that success the fact that I have not developed a YI yet, and I think I might have cracked it.

Clearly there's still some finessing to be done, but I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere. I'm certainly no longer thinking of getting rid of the cup. Now I'm getting there with the removal I feel like I'm actually falling a bit in love with it - it's so comfortable!

Anyway, thank you to everyone here who has contributed to posts in the past, because at some point over the last few days I've read your encouragement and tips and it's really helped me. To anyone reading this who is struggling with removal - keep going! You will get there :) ♥
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