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Need something different, but what?

Okay, I think I've got all the tags I want!

I bought a small Lunette a few months ago and tried it for two cycles in a row. I am sexually active and while I consider myself small (and my partner thinks so too), I had no trouble with insertion. I trimmed the stem off completely because I felt like it pressed on my back vaginal wall, which was uncomfortable (or it protruded and chafed my inner labia). I found that positioning the Lunette fairly low (as seems to be recommended in directions) made it slip out, a little higher made me feel like I needed to pee really badly, and higher than that was a feeling of pressure, but not uncomfortable. Unfortunately, after a little while (usually within 30 minutes or so), it travels too high and I am left feeling nauseous, with terrible cramps, and I have to remove it immediately (it leaves me feeling flu-ish: cold, weak, trembley, and sick to my stomach). It takes at least 24 hrs for me to recover from that feeling! Removal without the stem is okay, I can bear down and retrieve it fairly easily. Except for one time, I believe I did not have any leaking problems when I was able to leave it in for a little while, when my flow was heavy. That time, I found that I had not inserted the cup straight and it hadn't sealed at all (fortunately I felt the leak as it happened).

I would really like to use a menstrual cup, as I've always had leaking issues, even with cloth pads (which I try to use now, but my stash is small, they are expensive, and my period is very heavy for the first two days so I tend to use them up very quickly), so I can sleep comfortably while on my period. I feel like I need to get a different size, but I have no idea what needs to change! My first thought is smaller, so I'm inclined to go with a Fleurcup. Maybe someone can ask some questions to help me figure out what needs to change (width vs. length, or both). I've tried Softcups, but they also made me feel very nauseous (and were slightly too large, though I managed to keep them in a couple of times, but they usually popped out from behind my pubic bone). I suspect this is from contact with my cervix. I have no idea where it is during my period, if it hangs low or not. I suspect yes, as I cannot insert tampons very far either.

I've been struggling with a yeast overgrowth for a while now and am treating it through diets and natural supplements. It's going well, but I'm a bit worried about trying to use a cup at all until it's a few months symptom-free. I don't want to risk not cleaning it well enough. Can anyone comment on yeast infections and whether they've had any and what cleaning method they used to prevent re-infection?

I can't afford to try multiple cups and have them not work out (plus I don't know anyone who would want mine if it doesn't work for me), so I'm trying also to decide if I should buy a few heavy-flow cloth pads instead, or risk it on a menstrual cup.

Tags: cramps, lunette, sizes/size issues, sleeping, urination, yeast infections
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