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Cup wont go in far enough-Diva Cup

So I am EXTREMELY frustrated with my experience with my Diva Cup. I cannot for the life of me get the cup in far enough and when I do, when the cup starts to open,its painful and uncomfortable. I tried for at least an hour straight to get it in. I am not a virgin and am somewhat sexually active (with my current boyfriend) but for some reason I still get squeamish with inserting things into my vagina, so it could possibly be painful because I'm not relaxed enough but I don't know. I'm disappointed in myself that I can't seem to insert the cup. I tried the C-fold and punch-down fold and inserted it at an angle towards my tailbone. Also there should have been plenty of moisture to help get it in because I tried insertion the 1st day of my period. Why is it that it is very uncomfortable when inserted while opening?
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