itzwibble (itzwibble) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Did I make the right decision purchasing a large Fleurcup?

Hi All,

3 years ago I had a small Diva cup.  I liked it but had alot of trouble getting it to pop open.  Very frustrating.  I had my daughterr by emergency c section a year ago an afterwards purchased a large Lunette Selene.  It popped open great but leaked constantly and was painful (maybe because of the stiffness?).  After three months I gave it to a friend.   I decided to give cups a try again and purchased a large Fleurcup yesterday.  I chose the large Fleurcup because of the texture, holes, length and capacity.  I also find French products to be of good quality.  I am hoping third cups a charm.  I am 5'7" and 125 lbs.  i have a high cervix and very tight pelvic floor muscles.  I do lots of squats and leg lifts. Since havin my daughter I have a heavy flow.  Any advice?  How can I get it to pop open easily and completely unfold?  How can I get a better seal and avoid leaks?  Did I pick a cup I should stick to or should I have purchased a different one?  Thanks!
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