katjamo (scarletibis) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Mooncup questions for a long cervix

I have used the mooncup (UK) for half a year now and love it! Never goes back to tampons. Ever!

But I was having some trouble, and I think now that it is due to how I am built.

When I have read people talk about finding their cervix I just shook my head.

The biggest challenge has been getting the cup out. Reading about reaching it and getting a finger on the side. Well... Yeah if my fingers were twice as long!

So know I read around here and guess I have a long cervix? My uterus is also retroverted.

To add to the fun my vagina is very narrow and I have a prominent pelvic bone (I think? Is that bloody thing supposed to poke out there?)

The result is that the cup travels waaaay high. Getting it out needs a lot of bearing down.

Also I have a hard time getting it to unfold and seal properly? Any tips?

I used the mooncup uk first and now I am trying out the large ladycup. I like it! Much softer and doesn't leak (the mooncup leaks a bit on me).

But it goes up even higher... Feels like a black hole in there :-D

And its big! I am struggling to unfold it, but haven't tried many folds?

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