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i love my cup.. but..

i am stressed! i've been using a divacup for a bit more than 2 years.. ever since i got my period back after i had my daughter in 08. i would say out of the last 24 months, by the end of my cycle i either have had a bacteria infection OR a yest infection 18 times. it's to the point where i can tell on the last day of my cycle which one it is but still wait few days to see if it gets worse, and when it does i treat it.

i wash my hands thoroughly before emptying my cup, clean the cup after every cycle, and recently started boiling my divacup after each cycle to see if that helps. before using a cup, i have BV maybe twice my entire life and a yeast infection maybe 3 or 4 times. im so sick of dealing with this. i thought it was a possibility thta maybe the divacup just held on to yeast or whatever easier and tried a mooncup or keeper (US) for maybe 5 cycles in there but had the same issues and didn't like the cup nearly as much.

honestly i dont see myself ever going back to tampons, but i am SO sick of having to deal with these issues. has anyone else had similar issues? anything?
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