pinkpearls36 (pinkpearls36) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup Storage and other Questions

So I ordered my Ladycup (which I'm so excited for!) It should arrive with "Auntie Flo", so I'll be able to use it pretty soon. :-) I have a few questions about storage and care. 

First, I think the cup itself (the Honeysuckle color) is absolutely beautiful, but the drawstring bag is flat out ugly. I'd like to keep it in the pouch, then put the pouch in a different small plastic lined pouch along with the mini spray bottle and wipes. If the cup is completely clean and dry, will it be okay to store it in the pouch and put the pouch in the plastic lined pouch alongside the other necessities? 

Care wise--at the end of each cycle, I plan on washing it with cleaner, then rinsing it in hot water. Should I let it soak? I really don't plan on boiling it, although I might soak it in hot water. I feel like this plus cleaners will be just as sufficient as boiling. 

Also, can I use aloe vera gel for lube? I used it before for inserting tampons--I want to make sure it won't damage the cup or anything.

Last question--I'm going to wear a disposable pad (since I have like an entire box of them left) with the cup just in case it leaks. Once I get everything down, I want to be able to wear the cup alone (no backup) how many do this leak free (not including overflowing the cup or buying the wrong size cup)? My flow is pretty light (4 days--on my lightest days I'll just wear a pantyliner, the heaviest day I'll go through 3 regular pads.) I'll obviously check it as needed and I don't think I should have a problem given my flow and the capacity of the small Ladycup. 

Thanks! :-)


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