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20 July 2012 @ 11:42 am
I am 43, married and no children.

I went abroad last month and was a bit cross that I was going to have my period the entire week that we were away. My friend recommended a 'mooncup' (generic term) which I had never heard of. Did some research, bought a Mooncup A from Boots and had a dry run. Mmm.....not a good idea to have a dry run, little bit sore!!!

Anyway - went on holiday, Mooncup in one hand and 10,000 tampons in the other just in case the Mooncup didn't work. Mooncup was a great success, I went swimming, out for lunch (wearing white), had a tiny leak in the evenings (used a pad just in case) but otherwise it was flipping marvellous! Even managed to come back in the evenings drunk, empty it, wake up in the morning no mess anywhere and no leaks! Hoorah you say! A convert! In addition, Hubbie now knows everything about Mooncups etc

Currently now on my period and OMG what has gone wrong? First few days leading up to it the Mooncup was fine, got to my heavy days and I am leaking like a sieve. I can't even have it in for more than an hour. So as I type this my Mooncup is in my handbag and I am using tampons. I am going to try every morning to see what happens and am hoping that as 'it' quietens down the Mooncup can manage again. Of course, I am now worried that this will happen every month and last month was a fluke.

Any ideas anyone? Should I get a bigger capacity for the heavy days - although the cup is not full? From reading the site is this the 'cervix dipping in the cup' scenario?

Does anyone have two cups - one for heavy days and one for normal?

Fabulous site by the way - very informative.

pinkpearls36pinkpearls36 on July 21st, 2012 02:20 am (UTC)
Is it because the cup is overfilling or other reasons? Do you think you're starting to hit the perimenopause point? I've read that bleeding sometimes gets heavier at this point, so maybe a cup with a larger capacity might help so you don't have to empty it as much? I see some of them are more narrow, but longer (so they can hold more without being too uncomfortable.) Also, some of the companies have cups with different levels of flexibility and recommend the more active people choose the less flexible cup option. Maybe this might help prevent leaks related to the cup moving around as you do stuff?