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Have Meluna, but need help!

Howdy everyone!

I am so excited to be using a menstrual cup, but I have had a few problems.

First, about me, I am 32, no kids and I am a diaphragm user and ex-Nuva ring user, so I am comfortable finding my cervix. I recently started using 2 medium Meluna cups, a soft, ring stem cup and a classic, ball stem cup. 

Unfortunately, I have had a problem... the cups like to slide down. I have found that putting the cups around my cervix is most comfortable and avoids any leakage issues. After I have been sitting for a while tho, they tend to slowly slip down past my pelvic bone and then stick out of my vagina. The ring is very uncomfortable below the pelvic bone as is the the classic, ball stem cup, to a lesser degree. The classic irritates my bladder though. (They don't leak tho.)

I also think I need a larger capacity based on how much I filled it up in 2-4 hours for about 2 days.

Based on my issues I think I need a wider cup with more capacity. This is where I need help. I can reach my cervix with medium difficulty and short fingers. When the cup stayed in place, the ball or ring came in handy, although I could usually make more of it reachable by bearing down on it.

My main criteria for choosing my next one is I want a decent color, otherwise I am open. Purple or teal would be my first choices. (Unfortunately, I am not a fan of the fleurcup purple, but if everyone says that is the cup I should get, I will try it.) I live in Sweden if that sways any suggestions. Thanks for your help in advance!

Tags: buying decisions, meluna, meluna - soft, sizes/size issues
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