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Okay, I posted here last month, but can't figure out how to find my old post and add to it, so I'm starting a new one. I just started my 4th (I think) cycle w/my DivaCup size 2 and definitely think I want something shorter. I put it in this morning inside out (having ascertained last month that right side out was just NOT happening) and it was actually great - I couldn't feel it at all and no real leakage despite walking and playing w/kids and having it in from about 9am to 3pm.  However, when I finally went to remove and empty it, I discovered that the point had gone way up inside the cup - it was basically half-way to turning itself right-side out again. I'm assuming that the fact that being so folded made it about half the real length is why it was so much more comfortable than usual. However, it was a bit harder - and much messier - than usual to remove because since there was no point to grab it was like trying to unsuction a slick doughnut.  Usually it rides so low I can grab it with basically no effort (though I'd rather it be higher). I took the "Which Cup is Right for You" (probably mangled that title) quiz and came out with these recommendations: FemmeCup (One size), Large Iris Cup, MoonCup UK A, Natu 2, JuJu 2, NaturCup 2(not specified what the real length without the stem is! This brand does not have a lot of information available).

Can anyone give me some more specific recommendations?  I'm almost 32, have given birth vaginally to 3 children (all over 9 lbs, last one over 10.5 lbs), and probably have weak pelvic muscles.

Also, I seem to be needing to pee a lot today - could that be a side effect of the cup or is it probably just me not realizing how much water I drank today?
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