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I am extremely new to menstrual cups, and I didn't do any very much research before buying one (I actually didn't know that there were others besides the Divacup until I found this site; whoops) and it might have been a bit of a mistake. I got my Divacup (model 1) this past Friday, and it's pretty great so far, but I am having a few problems.
First off, leaking. It's nothing major, but it's a bit annoying. I'm 99% sure I'm inserting it right, but it's still leaking every now and then, and I don't really know what to do about it. Could it be something with the seal? 
Second is the stem. It's really irritating me even after trimming, so is it okay if I just go ahead and trim the entire thing? I don't really use it to get the cup out, so I don't think that would be an issue.
My cup seems to shift a little bit throughout the day. Like, it seems to be pretty far up most of the time, but when I go to pee, it will lower so far that the stem and a bit of the bottom is poking out of my vagina. I usually just push it back up, and it goes back into place just fine, but is this normal, or could it be the cause of my aforementioned leakage?
Not really a problem, but I do need to wash the cup every time I empty it? Or is rinsing okay?
How would I go about figuring out the specs of my vagina in case I need to get a new cup? I'm not great with measurements, so I don't really know if my cervix is high or low...
Sorry if this seems a bit scattered or hard to understand, I'm not great at explaining things through text. Thanks for any help, though!
Amandastereosymbiosis on July 15th, 2012 11:30 pm (UTC)
- the leaking probably has to do with the seal -- it might not have popped open. maybe if you try to insert it a different way, like a different type of fold, then you'll have better luck. I usually have no problems with the "punch down" fold.

- if you think that you won't have any problems getting the cup out without the stem, then go ahead and trim it! I personally trimmed my stem to about half the original length, because I don't think I could get the cup out with no stem, but whatever works for you is (obviously) fine.

- the cup moving down when you pee is totally normal -- it's because you're using the some of same muscles when you go to the bathroom as you do to bear down on the cup when you want to remove it.

- personally, I don't wash my cup, I just rinse it with warm water. you could definitely get away with rinsing it with water, and then when your period is over, you could wash it if you wanted.

maxwellbutts on July 15th, 2012 11:37 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the reply!
I've been using the punch down fold the last few times I've inserted it, but I do hear it open (the suction noise), and I check around with my finger after I rotate it a few times and it seems to be opened, so that's where I'm confused.
juliiie87juliiie87 on July 16th, 2012 12:27 am (UTC)
A little bit of leakage at the beginning and mostly everytime you empty is to be expected, since cups don't absorb these could be leftovers already hanging low in the vagina that the cup couldn't catch. Nothing a small pantyliner couldn't take care of though.If it's too long, cut the stem off or even flip it inside out if you're confident you could still remove it that way, that'll make it shorter. Twisting and turning is just silly advice from the Diva company, few people actually do it. I wouldn't be able to spin my cup while it's sealed. I'd rather poke around it and maybe tug on it gently to see if it stays put. But mostly, to rule out any potential leakage, you need to make sure your cervix isn't peeking outside the rim for some reason. Feel around, and aim for it when you insert. Yours should be low enough if the cup doesn't ride high.