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No matter what I try... it won't go in! Ouch!

Hi there! I'm back again this month with more struggles (haha...) so I'd appreciate some help once more! 

I use a Lunette Selene size 1 (small). I'm a virgin (of course) since I'm fifteen and this is my second cup as my previous DivaCup hadn't worked for me. 
Today I got my period again so I tried to finally do it this time. It's been a few months since I got it (I think) but alas, I've had no success so far. 
Well, I knew I could get two fingers in after a very long time of persistent "stretching" as before it was very hard to even get a finger in, but today I actually tried 3 and -- to my surprise -- it miraculously fit! And it wasn't that difficult, either! Since I know my cup is just slightly wider than three of my fingers in length, I figured it would go in easy like my fingers had, especially since it was FOLDED (used a labia fold this time since it seems to work best) but it didn't! 

I tried to do it the same direction as I do with my fingers but it for some reason hurt. I went a bit further, and I only went about half-way of the cup in. I tried to insert and push it in AT LEAST to the base, but it was just too painful! I couldn't do it! 
Why does this keep happening?! I can put in my fingers just fine, but when I try to put in the cup the exact same way, position, etc., I can barely even get half of the cup in. I don't think I've ever even inserted it past two or three-quarters of the cup. 
I'm pretty sure I'm totally relaxed. Also, the cup is completely covered in water when I insert it each time, so it's not as if it's dry (don't want to buy lubrication -- just don't -- but I use water and it's good for me), so why can't I insert it? Please help! I already read the Virgin's Guide to Cups and all, but this problem is something that I can't seem to find a solution to... 

Tags: insertion, insertion - painful or problems, lunette, lunette selene, virginity
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