sparklemooo (sparklemooo) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Meluna Sports Review

so I have given my Small Meluna Sports a dry run - I have to say it was easy to insert!
I used a C fold and it seemed to pop open easily. The punchdown method also worked well.
 have a high cervix so had to bear down a lot to get it out - it has a ball stem which is easy to grab. I find my cups get squished flat inside me - steel trap pelvic muscles? lol but the Sports was slightly flattened but not as much as my regular melunas. I kind of wish I had got a larger size because having an easy to insert cup on heavier days would be great. 
Anyhooo - that's my little review - please feel free to ask any questions you have - there is bound to be stuff I have forgotten to write here 
xx G
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