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Cups and swimming

I know this issue has been tackled before, but I wanted to make some kind of informal survey about it and try to determine whether a different cup would help, and if so, what to look for (stiffness, length, no stem, etc.). So I know it's safe IN THEORY to swim with a cup, and that many users do it successfully. Some say nothing moves, others have their cup fill with water but no leak. I had a leaking disaster (although the cup was still holding some fluid, weird). So... For those of you who have been swimming with a cup with no incident, what kind of cup was it ?

In 9 months or so, I've only had 2 leakage incidents with my cup : once on a hectic shopping day (and heavy period of doom), and the only time I went swimming (re heavy day nightmare). Now, I'm willing to admitt it was my fault and not the cup's both times. The first time it was probably overflowing, perhaps I was so tired I forgot to empty in the morning. The second time... I suspect I didn't get a proper seal. There was some super light brown stuff in my bathing suit before I went into the water, but I took it for residual slobber, and didn't bother to reinsert. I figured I'd ratehr avoid doing this in the public stalls. Now I wish I had.

I went swimming and didn't notice anything unusual, until I tried to lift my body out of the water... uh-oh, gushy feeling. I ran to the bathroom and it felt like someone had switched on a tap in my bathing suit (but warm). When I removed the cup it was at least two thirds full of diluted red fluid. So... the cup had been filling up and overflowing... with pool water... and blood. I doubt it was full of blood this time, since it was just noon and I'm pretty sure I had emtpied in the morning. I reinserted, checked very carefully, and the rest of the day was uneventful, except for the PMS of hell. I didn't go back in the pool.

 I'm just testing theories here, because I'm scared this'll happen again. I wonder if the pressure of the pool water couldn't help but squish the cup and force itself inside ? I'm saying this because I did notice the gushing started as soon as my bottom got 30 to 20 cm near the surface, where the pressure is less intense, I think ? Would a firmer cup stand the pressure better ? Would a shorter one be safer higher in my vagina ? Would a stemless Meluna allow the canal to remain shut to the water ? What's your experience ?

My current cup is long (for my body) and soft. I'm looking for something slightly shorter, that pops open with no fuss for those times when I'm in a hurry, but really can't afford my cup to let me down. It was impossible to squat to check for my cervix (yay high-cut doors) or lie down to reinsert at the swimming pool, so in this kind of situation, getting a good seal can be tricky. Right now, I'm considering a classic Meluna, medium or large, ball or stem or possibly basic to help with shutting vagina from water. Perhaps I'll get a soft one as well, I'm a sucker for their cyan color. Anyone who'd like to get rid of one for cheap, please have a look at my post over at mc-sales ! Would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you for reading.

EDIT & "What to buy? question": Thanks all for your testimony. It seems most users have no problem swimming with their cups, so it's either that mine wasn't unfolded properly that day, or because of my body, and maybe the softness of the cup (Cuplee), water got in anyway.
So... I'll definitely try wearing it for swimming again and see how it goes.

In the meantime, I'm still interested in getting one or two Meluna as back-up. Now... which size do you advise ? I'm 25, sexually active but no babies, light to moderate flow. My cervix sits at approximately 55 mm (just above 2") and I can wear my Cuplee which is 44x53 mm + ~10 mm stem left on. Nothing is poking out, but sometimes on an odd low-cervix day I can feel the end of the stem in my sensitive region just a little bit. I was thinking a medium, because I'd like to try something shorter. If I get a bundle from Feminine Wear, I'll have to pick two sizes, so large + medium or small + medium ? The small seems tiny, but I'm afraid the large would be slightly too long since it U-shaped while my Cuplee is more V-shaped. Can you trim the ball-stem off, if needed ? Thanks for reading me rambling ! :)
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