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measuring for a menstrual cup

Hi there. I've only posted here once before ( and figured I'd post again. I'm a 26-year-old genderqueer transguy (FTM), and I've had vaginal sex before (rarely), but have never given birth. I don't use tampons, just cloth pads (but I'm getting kinda tired of them). I was on testosterone for a little over 7 years & 4 months and had completely stopped menstruating for almost that whole time. I stopped taking testosterone in early February of this year, and started having periods again by mid-late April. They're irregular so far, but the flow is increasing, and so far it's a medium flow - but I had pretty heavy periods prior to taking testosterone, so I'm expecting it to get heavier.

Anyway, I've looked through the size charts and things, but I couldn't find out what position to be in while measuring. I've measured for length by inserting a middle finger: first, while lying on my back, then a second time, while sitting up. Lying on my back, it measured around 3 inches (I didn't have a ruler) by the time I could touch my cervix. Sitting up, it only measured about 1.75" before I could touch my cervix. Which measurement should I use? I've never tried a menstrual cup before, so I don't know if there's a specific position to be in or not while getting measurements. I measured for width and only was able to get 2 fingers in all the way side by side.

Also, the last time I posted in here, people recommended I get either a small Meluna (if I have a light or medium flow, it seems like), or a small Ladycup or small Lunette. The small Meluna doesn't have much capacity from what I've heard, so I might try a different cup. Any other suggestions besides those aforementioned ones?

Thanks a bunch :) I'm glad this community exists!
Tags: sizes/size issues
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