rvm4 (rvm4) wrote in menstrual_cups,

questions about ordering Fleurcup


I'm located in North Carolina (on the east coast of the United States).  I plan to order a Fleurcup asap.  I have several questions which I hope will benefit others considering ordering.  These may seem like menial questions.  I do not like money-related surprises unless I am receiving some unexpected money.

1) In the USA, is Fleurcup only available from http://www.fleurcup.com/default-en.html ?

2) Has anyone ordered recently?  How long did it take to receive your cup?

3) Other than cup cost and shipping, are there any fees, customs, taxes or anything else I have not thought of, which may be charged once the cup leaves the Fleurcup manufacturer?

4) Checkout options: "payer" vs. Paypal. To use your credit card, do you select "payer"?   I'm aware when making purchases outside of the USA, using a USA issued credit card, there could be additional charges.  Are there additional fees for using PayPal to make a purchase in France?  Does one pay option over the other produce faster shipping?

5) Does Fleurcup provide a tracking number so we can see where our cup is?

Thank you!  :-)
Tags: customer service, fleurcup
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