mycatsaysmeow (mycatsaysmeow) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New Yuuki cup?

Alright, so two weeks ago, I lost my old Yuuki. I left it on a table in the backyard to get some sun, and went back three hours later and it was just gone. I have no idea where it went, so I ordered a new one because I absolutely loved my Yuuki. I got it today and am super depressed to find out that they changed the design and it is so much firmer than it used to be. Now, I'm at a bit of a loss. Should I try and use the firmer one, even though it is a heck of a lot firmer than the old one? Even the old one gave me cramps sometimes, so I'm worried the experience will be much worse if I even try it. Or should I send it back without trying it and go back through the entire process of picking a new cup? I wouldn't mind trying it because I have no idea how to return this thing and if it works, I wouldn't have to, but I'm concerned that they will not take it back if I use it and try to return it. I bought it at if that helps with your advice?
Tags: yuuki
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