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Removal advice wanted- stiff Mooncup ridge

First of all, I just wanted to thank those who responded to my last post regarding removal. Their tips helped a lot, but now I'm realizing the main issue that I'm facing with my menstrual cup.

I got my Mooncup size B based on the recommendation of a sex educator. It was the first brand that I had heard of and I did a little research on menstrual cups in general, but I think I went with the Mooncup because it felt more familiar to me. I should have considered that this sex educator was also having sex and using vibrators quite often, whereas I'm a virgin and the biggest thing I've ever had "up there" was a "regular" sized tampon. Insertion is no issue, but with removal my main problem is that darn ridge around the opening of the cup. It is so thick and stiff and I can't compress it enough when removing it to avoid some pain or at least some serious discomfort. I can comfortably and (somewhat) easily get the ridge just inside the opening (so that the majority of the cup is already out) and then it gets much more difficult. I feel like the cup is literally snagging on the opening... which can be pretty scary. It's also taking a long time to get it out.

I don't want to switch cups because a) I'm cheap and b) considering that the menstrual cup is supposed to be a means of "going green" I don't want my Mooncup to go to waste. I also really like it aside from removal issues.

Is there any chance that the ridge will soften or get squishier over time or that I could somehow make it squishier? Or is there any way I can deal with this ridge?

(On a side note, I would like to brag that I think I beat my best time for getting it out today and did so without freaking out for the first time! It's still quite a hassle though. :P )
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