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Troubles with real first time cup use!

So if you remember my last post (and first) I couldn't get my cup out after taking it for a dry run forthe first time after receiving it in the mail. I had received a mini small Meluna in soft and a small Meluna in classic. So anyway as I said in my first post, the cup popped open very easily that time. So yesterday I got my period and was able to try out my my Melunas for real. I waited till today to really try it after not being able to get it to open yesterday. Today I put it in at 9am (the classic small) and I used the c fold because other folds hadn't worked even a bit for me. I tried to insert it as far as it would go with my fingers then let it go and with a little coaxing it opened into that squished half- c fold type thing and I knew it wasn't supposed to. So I tried to get it open right but I felt like the walls of my vagina were just squishing it down! I tried to push it up further but it wouldn't quite go. Finally I got it to where it might be opened all the way, but I couldn't tell. I decided to leave it and put on a liner (risky I know...).

So here's what happened: throughout the day there was brown stuff on my liner, like old blood. Enough to change the liner every four or five hours. So I guess it was leaking right?  So by the end of the day, the blood was coming out heavy enough to wear a pad, and when I went to take the cup out (it had been 10.5 hours) the blood was totally flowing and the stem of the cup was practically out. So I took out the cup and as I suspected, it was almost full  but there was lots of residue on the outside and it was obvious that it was leaking.
So here's what I'm wondering,

1. Was the cup inserted right? It did catch my flow, but it leaked a little throughout the day, which is not right. So did I get a good seal? Or maybe was it not far enough up?

2. If it wasn't, how can I get it to open all the way? I've tried running a finger around it, letting in air, etc... And also how can I be sure that it is open all the way and that it has formed a good seal?

3. Now if it was inserted properly, why was it leaking? How can I preven that residue from coming out?

And just to let you know I'm 15 and a virgin.
Tags: first time use, insertion, insertion - painful or problems, leakage & spotting, popping open

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