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low cervix, prolapsed uterus, retroverted uterus - which cup to choose ?


I've been reading the posts here for weeks now. I still don't know which cup to choose. Would you all offer some advise, please, especially if you have experienced the issue I describe below?

I'm 46 years old with 2 kids which were delivered vaginally. I've been told by GYNs for many years - before my kids - that I have a retroverted uterus; suspect it's due to genetics. When my 2nd child was born, my placenta broke off and I almost bled to death. (Not sure if that's important to the topic at hand, but just in case.) I've always had very heavy periods and lots of clots but after my placenta broke off during the delivery, my periods were extremely heavy for years - 20-60 minutes to soak a super plus tampon.  Wish I had known about the cup then!

My periods aren't as heavy now as I have been taking herbs which help reduce the amount of blood I lose as well as help keep me mentally balanced. (I'm not recommending or endorsing herbs.) But I still have big clots and need a super plus tampon if I'm going out of the house for a few hours.

I went to a new GYN last year and learned I have a prolapsed uterus which will need surgery to "tack up" (words of the GYN). (It causes me much vaginal pain especially around my period and about a week after.) I had surgery twice last year and we cannot afford more surgery right now - both time-wise and financially.

My cervix sits low during my period - I think. It's only approximately 1.25 inches (or 3 cm if you're metrically challenged like me). I cannot seem to locate any chart that would indicate if a 3 cm cervix is low. If I am not correct, please correct me.

I did, however, locate the cup size chart and cup sniffness. Those are great help! What I do not understand is how to a choose a cup based on cervix size.  If my cervix sits very low, I think. So, it seems I should choose a length between 40 and 44 (according to the size chart). Cups in those lengths are only available in a narrow width. However, since I have had 2 children, I would assume a narrow width would not function correctly as there would be leak.  

I saw an image of several cups compared to each other and their individual length measurements.  It was an image of several cups sitting up-side down.  There was a horizontal line drawn from the bottom of the longest cup to the shortest tampon.  (I've been searching for hours but can't find the URL again.  If anyone knows the URL, please share it.)  The length of 2 OB tampons were compared to several cups.  I think (could be wrong since I can't locate the URL) the longest cup was almost as long as a super plus OB tampon. So, if a super plus OB tampon will fit, why wouldn't a cup of the same length fit?  However, when you compare the length of those cups and compare it to my cervical length, I would think those cups would be too long.  I'm so confused!

I work at home and spend much of my time at home, but I do get out and love to socialize. I don't want a cup that doesn't fit my width and will leak.  Who does - right?  

Speaking of width of our cervices, how do we know what our width is?

As I have frequent vaginal pain, I assume a somewhat soft to medium stiffness cup would be suited to my needs. A hard cup would probably add to my pain, wouldn't it?

I don't care about colored cups. In fact, I would prefer clear or opaque cup as I want to do a quick glance and see that it is completely clean.

To sum up: 3 cm low cervix (I think). prolapsed uterus, retroverted uterus, vaginal pain, 2 vaginal deliveries. Dang, I was having a good day before I wrote this. LOL!

Money IS an issue for us. So, I cannot purchase many different cups to try. Could you all help me narrow down my choices, please?

Thank you!  :-)

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