linsey852 (linsey852) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Thanks! Plus a bit of tips I learned along the way.

Hey everyone. Just wanted to share a quick success story.

I first decided to try menstrual cups when I got over my fear of it interfering with my IUD. This site gave me a bit of peace of mind in addition to advice from a doctor. Shortly after that I realized that my first cup (small Divacup) was just wrong for me. Way too long and a bit too wide and it needed to be a bit firmer, with a thicker rim so it would open beter. With the help here I decided on trying again with the Lunette (in purple :) ) in a small size again with the stem cut off. That plus the seven fold did the trick. After the first few days it fit just right and I'm using it again in anticipation of a period. 

Thanks so much everyone! I wouldn't have figured it out if it weren't for all of you. It's so perfect for my lifestyle. Late hours, double shifts, school, long finals, daily bike rides. I'm young and busy. Cups are a great fit for me. 

Also, I learned a little tip along the way. If you have an issue with it not coming unfolded all the way once inserted, but you still need a very small point of insertion I think the seven fold is a really good option. I found that I could get it as small as the punch down fold, but with the fold being on the outside I could coax it open slowly inside me. So there's benefits of the punch down fold, but you can actually get your fingers under the rim to gently unfold it yourself it is doesn't like to pop open by by itself. Mine always gets stuck in it's fold no matter which one I try. So I needed one that I could coax open, this one was perfect. I just nudge my finger under the fold. A turn after that has worked for me every time since then. I also wanted to share this video on some tips for public bathroom use from (my source for cloth liners when before I was mostly a cup gal). I haven't seen these around before. They're worth a try if you like cloth too, and these videos helped me a lot.

In the public restroom.

On the go. The wysi wipes really are great.

They're all for divacup specifically, as that is the brand that this Canadian based company sells. But you can tell that this will apply to anything else too. Following some of these tips have just made my life easier and I'm sure they would be happy to find their videos on life with the cup here. I find that if I just keep a cloth pad with me too, I can always get by for a while if I don't have time to change my cup properly. Their wet bags are just great :) my cup and seven pads rest patiently in my owl  bag each month to take of every possible need.  

I may make a divacup/lunette comparison video soon too.

You are all so helpful! Have a good month ladies (and any gents)!

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