tempestas_inu (tempestas_inu) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Discovered the problem. Advice?

Welp. Since it was still advised that I learn to be comfortable with at least inserting my fingers before getting a cup, I've kinda been working on it on and off since my last post. I've discovered that I can't get it in further than 1/4 of an inch without cringing because of my nails. My fingernails aren't long, at ALL, I always cut them really short partly because I have no patience to grow them out and partly because they'd get away with my physical activities, but I can still feel it and it just feels creepy scraping along there. It kind of hurts, and since I can feel everything I can't will myself to keep going. With a tampon applicator (been practicing that all day too. Speaking of which, I can get the applicator in as far as the end of the part you hold, ie where the part that you use to push the actual tampon in begins, without feeling like it's being obstructed, so I don't know what that means for my cervix) I have no such problems and can get it in no sweat. I imagine I wouldn't have any problems if I wore something like rubber/latex/disposible gloves since that would cover up my nail, but that's just ridiculous. I have no intention on ever relying on tampons during my period. Any words of advice? :/
Tags: insertion, virginity
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