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ahhh my cups are here - UPDATED

my Meluna order arrived today! it was so big it came in a box!!

I promise to post heaps of pictures but will have to wait until the weekend to have time to do it properly in the daylight to get the colours right etc..   also - if anyone can direct me to info about posting a picture on Livejournal I would appreciate it - I have not uploaded pics here before :)

I ordered the following cups - 
Small Sport Ball Stem - (electric violet)
Set of Small Soft Ring Stem (yellow) and Medium Ring Stem (green) + yellow silicone washing cup (it's so cute!!)
Small Original Regular Stem - (green)

The freebies are as follows from what I can tell - 
Medium Original Ring Stem (purple)
Small Soft Rig Stem (yellow)
Medium Regular Stem (orange)
Medium Ball Stem (blue glitter)
Large Ring Stem (green)
Large Ball Stem (orange)
X-Large Ring Stem (purple)

the cups I already have had for a few years - 
Small Original Regular Stem (this is the old shiny blue with the very stretchy stem)
Medium Original Regular Stem (light pink)
Large Old Style Ball Stem (purple)

so OMG I am swamped with cups at the moment!! I did ask for samples because I wanted to give my sister one but now I have heaps to give to my friends as they sent pamphlets for the samples too. I am so amazed by how generous the lovely Meluna people are :) :) :)

I haven't tried any in yet - It's 8am here and I have to go to work today but I will have a try over the weekend and let you all know what I think - especially of the Sport! 

The only thing I have really noticed is that the Sport is not as hard as I expected - it is slightly less flexible than the normal ones but it is still easy to fold and handle. The matte finish they put on these cups is a great design feature I think. The Soft cups are VERY squishy - I don't think I'm even going to be able to get one in me but we will see...

Click my name to go to my lj where there are 2 albums of pics :)
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