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Getting a cup?!!!! :/

I'm 15, and a virgin. I really want to get a cup because more often than not pads annoy me and I don't want to use tampons because well,  simply put they scare me.  I am staring a very active lifesyle, going out, figure skating, horseback riding, volleyball etc. and I really can't be bothered with pads and my period anymore. I have a few things I need to know first:
1. As crazy as this sounds because I want a cup, finding my cervix is something that I'm not prepared to do, per this information are there any cups that you would suggest? Or is there anyone in the same boat as I am?
2. How can I talk with my mom about getting one?
3. I am going on vacation in three weeks and I think my period is supposed to arrive during it, however i've heard about the learning curve and how they leak, so I was wondering if I would be able to use one. I'm plan to be swimming A LOT!
4. Is it really as daunting a task to put it in and take it out as it sounds?
5. Where is the best place to purchase one?
6. Easiest insertion and removal tactics?
7. Will it break my hymen, and if so will it be painful?
8. Is it beneficial to do a dry run first? If so, how should I go about it?
9. Is it comfortable?
10.Just any advice you are willing to give would really help, stories, testimonials anything that you think might help please mention.

On a side note, I have read both the virgins guide to cups (I think its called) and the scarleteen article "Innies and outies" TWICE. The scarleteen article only made my fear deeper, and the virgins guide I didn't think would be very helpful.
Tags: age, cervix position, first time use, hymen, insertion, removal
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