tempestas_inu (tempestas_inu) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Looking to be a cup user in the future, have a few questions.

I found out about menstrual cups around the beginning of this summer and have been reading up on them since. I am a 19 year old treehugging virgin who also just started using cloth pads (which are great), and I'm now pretty sure that I want to eventually use a cup at least part of the time (particularly when I'm doing physical activities), but I have a few questions holding me up before I take the leap.

I keep reading about how it's helpful to "get to know your body", and finding where your cervix is, etc. But honestly, I'm not sure if I can bring myself to do it. I find it's a bit ironic, considering I discovered what periods and puberty were on my own when I was only in 2nd grade (yay for wandering into the section on such things in my elementary school library) and have never been uncomfortable with my body, but anytime I've tried to insert one of my fingers I tense up and lose my nerve. I've never actually relied on tampons during my periods, but I HAVE experimentally inserted the applicator of one, AND, I've had a pelvic exam for when I had a yeast infection, so at least there's that, but I do wonder if this will hinder my ability to use a cup. I'm going to assume I'll probably still manage to insert one, but what about checking for a seal? Can you tell if one's there even without having to go all the way in to check?

Another question I have is a more superficial one though. My favorite color is green, so any cups that come in the color green look attractive to me (of course, I realize that fit is a more important factor than color when it comes to choosing a cup), but I worry that green is a color more susceptible to staining, since as per color rules, red on green turns onto a really obvious display of brown. I know that red or orange or purple colors would probably fare better in regards to avoiding noticeable stains, but I'd still like to buy a green one if I can get around this problem. Is it really difficult to remove stains?
Tags: buying decisions, cervix position, cleaning - stains, first time use, virginity
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