Sock Be A Lady Tonight (sockbealady) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Sock Be A Lady Tonight

Oh the woes...

So, this is more of a "yay" post than anything.

As I was in the bathroom today in my building at college, I heard this distinct crinkling sound from a nearby stall. Of course, I'm pretty sure the bathroom's acoustics amplified it to a million times louder than it was, but I knew the sound: a pad. I felt sorry for the poor girl who was messing and fussing with it (I could tell by the noise she wasn't having the EASIEST time getting it situated). Part of me regretted not having a little pamphlet or handout to give her to let her know about other products, including cups.

I talk openly about my cups with everyone, but I knew this chick would probably freak out (she's a freshman, no doubt about it, and I'd hate to scare the I'm so glad, though, that I have a cup so I don't have to deal with the bulky pads or drying tampons! Thank the good Lord I found them!

PS: Anyone have a handy link to the specific posts that have the flyers/etc on them? I'd appreciate it!

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