atsea44 (atsea44) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Can i use a menstrual cup?

Im 15 years old and I'm not sexually active.  I really want to get a menstrual cup, but I don't want to buy one and figure out that its difficult or painful for me to use. So anyway, yesterday I was finding my cervix and while doing so, i figured out that i cant put two fingers inside my vagina without it hurting. The pain mostly comes at the opening of my vagina where it doesn't seem to stretch.This came up to me as a warning that i should not get a cup. If i cant even put two tiny fingers in me, how would i be able to fit a cup?! But before I totally give up hope on getting a menstrual cup, I want your opinion on this. If i can't get two fingers in my vagina, should i not get menstrual cup? 
Tags: age, buying decisions, virginity

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