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Higher capacity cup?

Sorry that this is my second post, but I just finished my first cycle with my small DivaCup. There were some small issues, and thanks to responses on my first post, I learned to effectively clean the air holes to avoid clogging as much as possible. Thank you for that advice! From day three and onward, it was pretty much smooth sailing.

I did see that on my first two days (my heaviest days), I would probably have to empty my cup every two hours. That wouldn't be such a problem at home, but this Fall I'll be going back to college (and staying in a dorm this time). Emptying every two hours just sounds like such a hassle in stalls around campus. It felt really good not to use pads this cycle, so I wouldn't want to resort to wearing pads as backup if I can help it.

So I'm looking for a higher capacity cup. I saw that the MeLuna XL holds up to 42ml up to the rim, in comparison to my Diva's 30ml to the rim  (I remember on my second day, my DivaCup was filled to the rim in a bit less than two hours). Also, as others mentioned, my cervix is probably taking up some space in the cup, making it fill faster. MeLuna's XL cup has a wider rim, so would that help my cervix take up less space? Also, I'm guessing MeLuna's holes are bigger, so that would stop the problem I may had had with the holes clogging up on my heavy days and thus, breaking the seal. I'm not sure if that was what actually happened in one of my leaking episodes, but I thought I should mention it in case there is some truth in the matter.

Also, I mentioned that I always have trouble getting my cup to open. It seems that the C-fold opens easier because it has less folds, but that still takes some five minutes to get it open with some twisting and turning. I haven't tried laying on my back as someone suggested (I'll try that later tonight when people just won't barge into my room), but I can't really do that outside my home if it does work. The Diva's is a 4 on stiffness while the XL MeLuna is a 6, so I'm thinking that would help make it pop open easier.

I'm not sure if there are other cups that would benefit me in capacity and stiffness (the MeLuna XL was the one that caught my eye with capacity). If another cup won't necessarily give me more capacity, then that's alright then. I will just have to make due with more bathroom breaks and perhaps a backup pad. I just thought I would put this out there in case there is a better cup for my heavier days. Any help or suggestions is appreciated!
Tags: buying decisions, heavy blood flow

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