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30 June 2012 @ 05:44 am
I just got the diva cup yesterday & I'm completely new to cups so I'm expecting time to get the hang of it. I'm 34 & have 2 kids. I'm having no problems getting it in & out but I'm sure it's gonna take time to get it perfect.
Are these normal newby problems? And tips to correct them if you have:
-Seems like I put it in (up & back) so the tip is just inside but it seems my body kinda sucks it up further...so it causes pressure/discomfort bc it's up high. 
-I have a HEAVY flow & after 2hrs I gotta empty bc it's more than 1/2 full & since its going up I'm getting pressure & I figure I'll empty so I can put it lower.
-Bc I'm taking out so often I'm getting slightly irritated at the opening or do you think it's the stem?
-Should I try turning it inside out so soon to see if that'll help w/pressure on my cervix? 
-Do heavy flowers use pads also on their heavy days for extra protection? Or after time I'll be able to go pad-less
Tips? I've googled & youtubed a lot so I know the diva is the biggest cup but since my flow is heavy (only the 1st 2-3 days) I thought it would be better. Last night I emptied before bed 10:15pm & at 5am it was completely full, my pad was full & I leaked :(...thank goodness I have a pad I use each month to protect my bed :-/
juliiie87juliiie87 on June 30th, 2012 11:17 am (UTC)
If it's working right, the cup shouldn't normally pressure your cervix, becauser it's wide enough it can sit (o) around it. If the feeling doesn't go away over time, then you could look for a softer cup. But give the Diva a cycle or two, it seems like a good choice for your high cervix and flow. Although yes, it there are a couple brands that may hold slightly more.

You could maybe empty it a little less often depending on your flow and the day. But yeah, it's not uncommon having to empty more often with a really heavy flow. Also, try to refold it in a loose c-fold for removal, or just try to get it out slowly, one edge at a time, and relax !