Sock Be A Lady Tonight (sockbealady) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Sock Be A Lady Tonight

Questions, removal, yeah

Hey hey, cuppers. I love my cups, yes I do. They make my life so much easier. 

So, I bought a new cup - the ladycup, and it's purple/lilac. I dig the color, but I'm not too fond of the ridges at the base. They're hard to get a grasp on, even the cup is hard to grasp with dry fingers. I don't know if it is the texture or what, but it's weird and hard to do. I also feel like I have SERIOUS suction with this cup. Like..."facehugger, not letting me go, holy moly wtf is going on" suction.

I'm curious - if any of you have a ladycup, do you have the same issues/things happen when you use your cup? Do you have a specific way you remove it that makes it easy to grasp? I found I can get my finger up far enough to release suction and work it out, but I'm wondering if there's a tip or trick I don't know about when it comes to that super-duper-suction removal.

Tags: lady cup, removal, removal - painful or problems
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