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List of Public Toilets with Private Sinks

I find changing/cleaning my cup in public toilets without a private sink (sink outside the cubicle) annoying for a couple of reasons.

- Although I'd love to promote conversation and awareness by washing my cup at the public sink, people may think of this as unhygienic and I'd rather not put anyone off the idea.
- Going into the stall, removing, going out of the stall and washing, and going back into the stall takes time (Waddling/leaning over with my pants around my ankles at a private sink is much faster) and is difficult to do when there is a queue for the toilet!
- If I fail at insertion (which happens occasionally, even after 6 years) I find it's easier to wash it again before trying insertion again. Hard to wash multiple times if doing so outside of a private cubicle.
- I prefer to go into the toilet without having to take a water bottle/wet paper into the cubicle or juggle these while in the cubicle.
- If I only wipe my cup with toilet paper: 1) risk of flaking tp 2) without water cup is either sticky/slimy and I'm afraid I'll drop it.

Now I know there a many of you out there who are fine with some of the above mentioned methods (washing at public sink, wiping with tp or using water bottle). However, I know I only feel fully comfortable in cubicles with private sinks and I assume some others feel the same way. I do change in sinkless cubicles if I HAVE to, but I have found myself even going into disabled toilets because of the private sink! (I know, it's bad and I'm always scared some person will be outside to judge me for taking the only disabled toilet!).

So, people... what I am thinking is that we create a map of some sort where people can place markers where they know there are public bathrooms with private sinks. Perhaps it could even become a mobile phone app in the future? I know I'd love a list of public toilets with private sinks when I'm out and about.

Hopefully public toilets in the future will be built with our needs in mind, for example a toilet block with at least one cubicle with it's own sink. But I don't think that's going to happen in anywhere in the near future. Probably will happen once I've hit menopause!
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